Real-time Mixed Reality in Sport — immersive broadcast

Real-time Mixed Reality by OSAI expands the boundaries of sports live streaming and brings in immersive and engaging experiences

OSAI visualizes the data layer using AI/ML & Computer Vision in real-time. OSAI is a real-time Mixed Reality in sports solution that unlocks never-seen-before insights and mind-blowing graphics. Enhance the viewer experience and contextualize sponsorship activations inside your broadcast.
Attract wider audience, engage fans and unlock new revenue with new digital assets for sponsorship activations. Enhance your sports live stream with OSAI Mixed Reality in sport.
How OSAI Mixed Reality in sport works
Low-latency video stream
Real-time Mixed Reality in sports runs on top of the live sports broadcast, enhancing it with immersive animations in real-time. OSAI can create its own video feed by installing a camera on-site. Or you can share existing video content with OSAI by sending it locally through SDI/RTMP. There has to be one video feed that is used for data collection purposes (OSAI main) — the one with a complete overview of the playing area.
Data collection & event recognition
OSAI uses AI/ML and Computer Vision to analyze the live video and extract data after each frame. There are differences in tech requirements for the video depending on the sport OSAI covers. For example, real-time Mixed Reality in table tennis requires 120 frames per second versus in tennis OSAI can run on 30–60 fps. OSAI collects data on all game events from the OSAI main video feed.
Insights visualization
Once OSAI collected data and recognized game events from the live video, the system visualises them as immersive animations. Mixed Reality in sport animations are pre-produced according to a creative brief from the client. It is displayed according to the set of conditions, like a certain time, a game event, athlete's pose, or position of the ball. Mixed Reality in sport by OSAI is not bound to only one camera angle — the technology seamlessly transfers immersive animations between the cameras, ensuring high-quality diverse content.
Mixed Reality in sport distribution
OSAI creates its own video feeds with Mixed Reality in sport — one from OSAI camera / OSAI main and one for every camera on which Mixed Reality in sport animations should be transferred. The video feeds are sent to a production room, where it is produced as part of the linear broadcast or live streaming. OSAI also allows for a virtual production setup, whereby the system automatically decided the best angle.
OSAI Mixed Reality in sport is the next-generation technology for your sports broadcast
Engage your audience
Step up your fan engagement game with immersive animations of match insights. Let your fans focus on the game! Visualize key game strategies, bring to life performance stats, and highlight game events. Your fans can get all the information inside your sports live stream, instead of googling and getting distracted.
Mixed Reality in sport by OSAI
Creativity has no limits when it comes to adding Mixed Reality to your sports broadcast. Just share your ideas with OSAI — and we’ll make it happen! To start with, here are a few examples of placements for Mixed Reality in sport
the playing area
an athlete
Virtual LED
Sports / Table tennis
Promote table tennis with sports broadcast innovation. OSAI Mixed Reality highlights game events, visualizes performance insights, and can completely transform the appearance of table tennis broadcast.
Sports / Snooker
Deliver unparalleled viewing experience with Mixed Reality live streaming for snooker. Dynamic graphics and insight animations truly bring the essence of snooker to live
Sports / Tennis
Tennis broadcasts attract diverse audiences — from professional players to casual viewers who know very little about the game. Real-time Mixed Reality by OSAI helps you engage all segments of fans and capture their attention with immersive visualizations.
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