Quick Bets by OSAI — microbetting on low - level game events
OSAI makes sports betting more fun by merging sports betting, casino, and computer games experiences. We provide a comprehensive solution for microbetting, based on AI data scout.
Quick Bets offer new, fast markets that are automatically traded with coefficients adjusted in real-time based on performance, common errors, and rally duration.
It comes as an easy-to-install widget with four auto traded markets in table tennis, customizable interface, and backoffice. More sports coming soon. Try microbetting solution from OSAI!
Quick Bets by OSAI in numbers
Human traders involved
from bet to result
New markets available
Microbetting with OSAI Quick Bets
Open new markets
Today, OSAI offers 4 microbetting markets on low-level game events in table tennis. And we plan to expand the markets portfolio.
Engage & Attract
Microbeting engages existing betters, revives the acquired, but not activated audiences, and attracts new ones. Quick Bets are fast and fun, it’s a low-risk entry point that resembles much-loved casinos and computer games.
Fair Odds
OSAI incorporated autotrading for the microbetting markets. This means the coefficients are calculated for the tournament and each players, based on their historical and real-time performance.
Game Integrity
Quick Bets are based on the deep data collected in real time. With markets fulfilled so fast, microbetting by OSAI naturally protects game integrity - it’s too challenging to fix the game at that speed.
Quick Bets come on a revenue-sharing basis, further reducing any risks associated with the introduction of new markets. OSAI Quick Bets makes microbetting a no-brainer!
Microbetting markets unlocked by OSAI
Layer 1
Bounces in
a rally
Layer 1
The last
player to strike
Layer 1
Winning side
of the table
Layer 1NET
How OSAI AI data scout works
AI Data Scout
Quick Bets by OSAI is based on AI data scout. The data captured by our software solution is fed into the Quick Bets engine to power the microbetting markets and adjust the odds & coefficients. Quick Bets are available to clients who purchased AI data scout. Pro tip: Quick Bets work best with real-time Mixed Reality. It really helps to bring mircobetting to life and visualize new markets.
Install the Widget
Quick Bets is an iframe solution, that comes with customizable interface, auto traded markets, and back office to monitor and adjust the margins. OSAI widget can be installed on websites and mobile applications.
Unlock Microbetting
Quick Bets are ready! Bring new markets, engage your audience and open new GGRs.
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