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accurate real-time data
Data is the lifeblood of the betting industry. It is all about how fast & accurate the data is.
OSAI uses AI/ML and Computer Vision to collect and analyze data from live video. AI data scout by OSAI automates the data collection process, providing real-time accurate and reliable data feed.
Clients using AI Data Scout by OSAI
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Cheaper than human scout
Faster than human scout
Data accuracy
How OSAI AI Data Scout works
OSAI Data Scout scheme
Low-latency video stream
OSAI obtains a low-latency video stream either directly by installing a camera on-site or through the partner network. There may be different requirements for live streaming depending on the sport and data portfolio. For example, an AI data scout for eSports works great on 5 frames per second. And to collect real-time accurate data in table tennis OSAI needs 120 frames per second. Therefore in some cases, we ask for an OSAI system kit to be installed and in others, OSAI can operate remotely.
Data collection & event recognition
OSAI uses AI/ML and Computer Vision to collect data after each frame. The system recognizes all game events, including low-level events like bounces on the table and athlete positions. AI data scout collects enormous amounts of data simultaneously, including data points that are unavailable to the human eye. As a cherry on top, the system is trained to understand the rules of the game, therefore it is capable of predicting game decisions.
Real-time data feed delivery
All data from AI data scout is sent to the OSAI server from where it is distributed to tournament organizers, referees, and betting providers. AI data scout ensures low latency data delivery in 0.5s which equals to the network latency.
Why OSAI AI Data Scout
Open new
Stand out from the competition with more data points and live betting. AI data scout can collect custom data points and open up new markets for fast in-game betting.
OSAI has an average data accuracy of 97.5%. This is determined by the difference between human decisions and a computer. All errors are corrected in less than 1 second.
Faster data
OSAI collects most of the data points within 1–2 seconds. On average AI data scout is 52% faster than a human.
AI data scout never gets tired and can collect 20+ data points on multiple games simultaneously.
Examples of new markets unlocked by OSAI
Case Studies
Explore how OSAI partners take full advantage of the capabilities of AI data scout
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