About us

Who we are

OSAI is on a mission to bring athletes and fans closer together through seamless digital viewing experiences and real-time insights

Sports organizations and media companies around the world turn to OSAI to transform their live streaming into engaging and interactive viewing experiences.

What we do

We develop Computer Vision and AI that unlock real-time Mixed Reality for live sports. OSAI helps sports organizations, sponsors, and fans to enjoy live sport like never before. With OSAI Mixed Reality we connect the real-time sport with the emerging digital culture, providing on-screen animations, video graphics, and deep insights to enhance the traditional video feed.

OSAI innovative technology collects and analyses thousands of data points from a video feed. We visualize this data as Mixed Reality, as well as performance reports for athletes and coaches and live data stream for betting companies.

Our Vision

Connect real timeless of sport with modern on-demand culture

Core Values

OSAI is driven by the best minds across technology, business, and sports from around the world. Our teams share the sports mindset driven by 6 core values: