OSAI — AI in sports transforms sports betting data capture

Unlock new markets and engage your audience with new sports betting formats

OSAI uses AI/ML and Computer vision to collect & analyze data from sports live streaming in real-time. The technology collects sports data after each video frame, including data points outside of human scout’s reach. OSAI opens up super live sports betting with AI in sports technology that is more accurate & cost-effective than traditional human scouts.

Products / Three main directions

Collect /
AI data scout
OSAI uses Computer Vision to analyze live video feed and collect data on every game event. AI data scout by OSAI provides accurate, reliable sports betting data in real-time. OSAI replaces human scouts with AI and optimises data capture. It is 52% faster and 70% cheaper. And OSAI never gets tired, works 24/7 and capture wider data portfolio.
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Apply /
OSAI collects wider data portfolio that opens new faster markets. OSAI Quick Bets is a complete end-to-end solution for microbetting on low level events in table tennis. The markets are traded automatically with odds and coefficients being adjusted in real-time based on the player performance, common errors, and rally duration.
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Visualize /
Mixed Reality
Expand the boundaries of sports broadcast with immersive and contextual Mixed Reality animations. OSAI Mixed Reality is a real-time solution that enhances viewer experience, unlocks new digital assets for sponsorship activations, and maximizes content value.
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Sports / Table Tennis

Table tennis is making waves in sports betting. OSAI is a perfect fit for fast-paced tournaments, especially with 24/7 format
AI data scout for table tennis
  • Real-time data collection during the broadcast with 98%+ accuracy
  • Accurate and reliable data 40-70% cheaper
  • Increased confidence in sports betting data, eliminating human errors
  • Referee assistant for fair decision making
Mixed Reality for table tennis
  • Engage fans and increase viewing duration by 30%+
  • AI in sports grows viewership by 18%+
  • New revenue streams from contextual & targeted sponsorship
  • Rich live content to promote table tennis
Examples of data collected by OSAI
All bounces on the table
Athlete pose estimation
Ball speed
Zones occupied

Sports / eSports

Our AI in sports covers eSports as well! OSAI offers AI data scout for several eSports disciplines, providing real-time accurate sports betting data on game events and for new markets
  • Expand your sports betting data portfolio beyond what’s visible on the screen
  • Computer Vision data gathering for increased confidence and reliability
Examples of data collected by OSAI
Player performance
Score and game details
Game events: penalty, red card, foul

Sports / Tennis

AI in sports by OSAI transforms tennis viewing and sports betting. Engage your viewers, unlocks new revenue streams, and promote tennis
AI data scout for tennis
  • Collect accurate data from tennis broadcast
  • Grow your sports betting portfolio with real-time data
  • Increase confidence in data by eliminating human errors
  • Optimize data collection costs with AI in sports
Mixed Reality for tennis
  • Engage fans and increase viewing duration by 30%+
  • Grow your viewership by 18%+ with AI in sports
  • Maximize sponsorship revenue with new digital assets
  • Promote tennis with visual game explanations
Examples of data collected by OSAI
All bounces on the court
Player positions on the court
Ball Speed, trajectory, serve type

Sports / Snooker

Deliver unparalleled viewing experience with Mixed Reality live streaming for snooker. Dynamic graphics and insight animations truly bring the essence of snooker to live
  • Engage experienced snooker viewers with insight animations and strategy highlights
  • Professional-level live production for any snooker tournament
  • Attract new audiences and help them to understand the game
  • Immersive content to promote snooker

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